Sutton cold field transmitter

    Anyone having trouble receiving a digital freeview signal from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter? Turned on the tv today, no HD channels, very poor signal all other digital channels. Rescanned and I've lost all the HD channels and BBC etc.

    Not sure if this is a known problem at the moment or if a fat pigeon has sat on my aerial....


    didnt think the Sutton Coldfield transmitter was broadcasting the HD freeview channels until september?
    anyway my normal channels are fine.

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    We've had HD channels all year from there. Just rescanned, now got the HD channels back but still not got SD BBC 1 BBC 2 BBC 3 and probably some others. Get 107 services found when scanning. Will keep scanning....

    We're on that 'mitter, it's all right atm, but was out yesterday at about this time. No BBC anything, but was getting Five and CITV. All good now though, touch-wood.

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    It's come back now.... Thanks.
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