Suzuki Carry, is the price right?

    Hi all, I have just secured a deal on a Suzuki Carry 1.3

    It is an 03 plate white, good condition 30 000 miles

    Tell me what do you think its worth? No service history but mileage warranted by the MOT Documents.

    Thanks all

    Lets so if I have got a Hot deal lol


    I'd give ya (if you were the seller), £4000

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    I'd give ya (if you were the seller), £4000

    No you wouldnt lol

    Actually no, £3000

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    Actually no, £3000

    For 3000 I will sell it to you mate.

    How much you pay?

    £100? Thats all I would be willing to pay.

    Isn't this a revamped Bedford Rascal ???? :?

    I'll give you £20 for it, as a favour ;-)


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    How much you pay?£100? Thats all I would be willing to pay.

    Paid just over 2k

    How much were the asking?

    Got any pics?

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    How much were the asking?

    2.4 paid 2.1

    it is jsut a bog standard white suzuki carry

    £2k is a good price for it. They're actually quite good. I have driven one a few times and they're quite pokey. I've had the thing full of stuff and really weighed down and didn't suffer from loss of power.

    Only problem is it's a bit embarassing to drive it.

    What does it look like?

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    plus, it's a Suzuki so you know it'll be reliable and last well

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