Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R 190bhp hyperbike £13999 @ Laguna Motorcycles

Posted 6th Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 16 m ago)
Pre-Reg 2021 Zero Miles Model. 1 only.…als

Start 2023 with a as near as makes no odds 200mph hyperbike for the same price as a 4 year old Ford Focus.

"Suzuki’s class-defining, range-topping hyperbike, the GSX1300R Hayabusa made a stupendous all-new return in 2021 with as much blistering performance as ever but now with added electronics, luxury and class. On the slight downside, however, it’s also pretty pricey, currently retailing just shy of £17K at £16,999 – except for here. Leading south-east multi-franchise dealer Laguna in Maidstone, Kent, is currently having its end of season clearance sale on numerous new bikes with one of the standout offers being on this example of the big Suzuki. Yes, it’s just one, black, 2021 pre-registered example on a 21-plate but it’s also as-new, 0-mile and has a full £3000 off the list price, now being available at just £13,999!"
Credit for the words to Bennetts Bike Social
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    Having had 20 plus bikes in the past and several incidents, resulting in a broken leg, arms, ribs, punctured lung etc.
    I see bikes as organ donors.
    Would buy one but the wife said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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    Never understood what people see in the Hayabusa besides "hur hur it goes fast". Personally think they're hideous.
    Its not for me either, to heavy for a start. That said, it looks better in the flesh and its a big visual improvement of the original 'Busa. Unusually, for Suzuki, the build quality is good too.
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    This got moved from Deals to discussion, so I thought I'd add the Bike Social web link as they have a good weekly newsletter on bike deals for anyone interested. Plus they do some great product testing and reviews.…nts
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    Can't really see the point in a hayabusa in this day and age, most new 1000 sport bikes have the same power or more and turn like they're on rails where as the hayabusa is too long and heavy for cornering and just comes across as a bike for someone who didn't hone their skills on the way up and just likes straight lines (edited)
    I don't think anyone can argue that the 'busa is a dinosaur from another age, that said its straight line performance is better than a Ducati V4 Panigale and pretty much anything else apart from the H1 Kawasaki. It sure as hell isn't a bike for twisty roads, but the amount of them that end up heavily modified on a drag strip is testament to its straight line ability. Once they stop being made, we'll never see the like again.
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    Thanks, bought 2 for Ebay
    Well done! There was only one available at this price
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