SVP selling poor media

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Found 28th Sep 2008
Bought some blank media discs from SVP and they kept failing on various writers.

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If I Was Backing Data For Customers I Would Have Used Premium Dvd's Like Sony Or Another Well Known Brand And Not Bulk Spindle Media Svp Also Have A Feedback System On There Site Did You Read Other's Comments?

What dye is on the discs?

To be honest you should have had multiple back-ups on HDDs and not relied on DVDR for long term storage.

If you really really have to use DVDRs for back-up then use genuine Taiyo Yuden discs, they are the very best and should (if kept away from excess heat and light) last for years.


What dye is on the discs?

I bet it was RITEKG04 or similar - I had exactly the same problem.

I bought 100 of them and they've all now stopped reading in most players. Solution - find someone with an old Xbox (modified) and a Samsung drive. For some reason, these disks read almost flawlessly in it. For a vast majority of them I was able to FTP to the Xbox and just transfer the data from the DVD onto my main PC and re-burn onto other media.

FTR, the brand of disk you buy is completely irrelevent. You always want to check the DYE. I now buy geniune Taiyo Yudens and have zero problems with all devices!

lol, just finished typing and saw barneydog's reply

I learnt the hard way that burning on a laptop dvd±rw is just asking for trouble.

Bought a 100 spindle of TY from SVP (silver faced, sourced direct) and 3 in a row failed to either burn [or] verify on this POC slimline writer, switched to my desktop burner and everything was fine.

Two lessons really, verify + avoid laptop.

How strange and I thought it was me, Ritek coasters everywere :?
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