Found 9th Mar
Anyone tried to get in touch with them lately?

I had an advertising email from them within the last week, but today and yesterday the phone isn't answered, the voicemail is full, the customer service email address bounces. I made a support ticket, but when I went back today I can't access it for some reason.
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wow didn't know these guys are still around. Used to buy cdr's off them 10 years + ago.…et/
Just an update on this, I gave up trying to contact them and got my laptop fixed by the manufacturer. This week, I got a couple of those annoying "this is your password" type emails, I didn't recognise one of them, so searched my old emails and it was the password SVP gave me when I made an order 9 years ago. Doesn't really matter as I never used it elsewhere, except.. one of the other emails has my home phone number in, which presumably was not securely stored by SVP!
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