SW Power Cable

    Hello, I jsut changed my motherboard in my pc and now the button you use to turn the pc on does not have long enough cable to reach the front of the case.

    I have searched endlessly for SW Power cables/or a new cable with button etc, but cannot find one over here in the UK.

    Below is a link to a american website of what im after, however if anyone knows where i can just buy the SW cable, or infact inform me of its actual name (so i can search and find it myself easier) when it comes to simple electronics I would be very grateful.…=uk

    Thanks in Advance



    Just buy some thin wire, cut the connector and twist in extra wire.


    I'd probably just use the cable from an old molex cable and just add it into the middle of your existing cable with either electrical tape or a couple of small block connectors.:)

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    Humm, I have so overlooked this task .. : / Thanks guys, I have loads of "spare" wire from old fans and connectors and stuff. thought I would need special cable. haha

    ebay 380246943902 (70cm)

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    O.o, I searched endlessly on ebay lol. Thanks
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