Found 27th Jun 2008
My partner and i had the shock of our lives this week when the gas pre-payment meter started swallowing money like it was going out of fashion and left us with no heating or hot water.

I say my partner and I, but it was mainly just me. I have just returned home after working away for two years and at the start of the week my OH asked me to put some money on the gas and elecci. I only had £10 on me so a fiver on each. The very next morning she asked me to put some more into the gas as it had "run out".

Slightly perplexed i went down to the shop and bought £10 worth and inserted it into the meter were i was greeted with "£7 removed for debt"

"WHAT DEBT!!!!" I asked the missus. She didnt know......
"W H A T D E B T !!!!" I asked politely

Anyways the next morning comes, Its a chilly morning and OH puts heating on before going to work. I then get up shortly after and upon checking gas meter find that the £3 Swalec were kind enough to leave us with has been swallowed up.

Now I am upset........ Missus phones me up and says can i put more money in gas........ Now i am really upset. Cue major arguement.

She says its been like that for months and that i should just put some more in and it will be ok...........

Anyways to cut this short we went down to CAB and got them to sort it out with Swalec and here's the thing. The missus supposedly had a debt with the gas company dating back to 1997 of £315 when she paid by quarterly. She swears that she always had a prepayment meter so this is a total stitch-up.

Because CAB are now involved Swalec have refunded us the £20 it robbed this week while they "look into the matter" The missus just thought it was the gas increase and had never thought to check why it was using so much. But thats not the best of it.....

Swalec have also turned up our meter at the same time to insane levels because, and this is my favourite bit..... "WE ARE NOT USING ENOUGH GAS"

In the age of energy conservation we are not using enough gas.

SIGH !!!!!

Sorry about the rant but its been a bad week.


Bloody Robbers! :x

Blame Maggie.


Blame Maggie.

Blame Brown

Pre-paid meters are a rip off and they are making the people who can't afford it, poorer

I hate gas companies, the bleepers

I have had this happen to me!!!! I wanted a pre-payment meter so I could budget, so I rang them to ask for one. They told me I couldn't have one unless I was in debt, so I ran up a £50 ish bill, and didn't bother to pay it. I finally got a phone call, and told them I wanted a pre-payment meter, so they came and fitted one.
For 2 years I assumed I was paying off the original debt (which they FORCED me to aquire)
Suddenly all the money I was putting on my card was dissapearing!!
This went on for a while, then I rang them, nothing, nada. These companys can do what they want, change the speed your meter runs.... etc, from their end, you will never know!!! :?
I moved out eventually.... hope the next tennant didn't suffer! :oops:


Blame Brown

Why? The blokes an obviousy inept *hole but he didn't sell off the utility companies......


Why? The blokes an obviousy inept *hole but he didn't sell off the … Why? The blokes an obviousy inept *hole but he didn't sell off the utility companies......

yes but nor did any British company stop them being sold.
Brown is a goner according to my colleagues at HMT :thumbsup:

Oh dear .... I'm having problems with my electric at the moment ... I'm using over £3.00 a day :? not right at all.
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