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Found 10th Dec 2016
Got the DVR4-4100 4 Channel 960H Digital Video Recorder & 2 x PRO-842 Cameras deal from Screwfix a wee while back and I am looking to get two more cameras to complete the system. The cameras that come with it are 900 TVL and the DVR is 960H. I have had a look and found the camera compatibility chart (http://www.swann.com/media/wysiwyg/docs/swann-camera-compatibility.pdf) but the DVR 4100 isn't on even on the chart.

I'm guessing adding a lower TVL camera wouldn't really bother the DVR? What would happen if I added say a 720p analogue camera?

Any help with this would be appreciated!
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you would get a picture, any camera that has a BNC plug on it will plug into the swan.
even one with a phono plug will work, you would need a phono to BNC adaptor, about 50p from CPC.
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