SwapGame.com Dispute

I'll start by saying I find it astounding how bad the customer service is for what I thought was a big player in game rentals. Long story short I had an account for a few months, and in early Jan I returned a game and as you do, awaited the next dispatch. Now I received an email a few days later informing me I had wrongly placed the disc in a LoveFilm slip which obviously was accidental, and I replied apologising and thanking them for informing me and so thought - that's that! However that was wrong as despite several messages sent to them (through the member support bit on the site) this returned game (confirmed by their email) remained in my rental list for some 3 months afterward.

Now obviously I'm paying for this service and effectively I was paying for nothing as the game(s) I should be receiving isn't happening due to their inability to update the damn list, despite them informing me it had been returned weeks and weeks before!

Now at this point, having paid for months where effectively I may as well have thrown the money in a local drain, I'm understandably annoyed and I dropped my nice guy approach and sent an angry, but diplomatically written, email informing my disgust at how inefficient the service is and how at this point I'm being taken for a mug. About a week later (again this customer service is awful) I get a brief apology that to be honest felt generic, and at this point I just want to cancel the damn thing. Now being in my final University year, dissertations, important assignments etc. I really can't be mucking around and suffering from the incompetent nature of this company and as I alluded to before, I'm disappointed as I always heard good things!

To end what's in risk of turning into a rant, I received a letter today from C.A.R.S and having googled it appears to be a debt collector with a somewhat dubious reputation demanding a sum of almost 120.00 for various admin fees blah blah that have resulted from my account which I rightly refused to keep paying for until they gave me the service I had initially signed up to.

Where do I go from here? I've been quite frankly done over by SwapGame, who have now tossed me to a debt collector instead of sorting things with me, after all I was a paying customer and the least they could have done was given me a free month, or credit or whatever to make up for their mistake which carried on for months despite constant messages. Hopefully this post hasn't been too long and I've outlined the main points!



Nightmare mate!

Annoyingly even though this is their fault, its still your credit rating that's gonna be affected. I would give the citizens advice buereu a wee visit

What money do you owe SwapGame? Did you cancel a direct debit or something, or are they after money to replace a game you rented from them?
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