Swapping $100 notes to lower denominations

Last time i went to the states i came back with a few $100 notes, 2 of my sons are now going back out there and as a surprise i want to give them some money, but rather than giving them a few $100 notes i'd prefer to give them loads of $10 or $20's (less chance of losing it!)

Would the foreign exchanges places charge for doing this as surely it wouldn't cost them anything?


I'm not sure if they will swap notes for notes due to money laundering regulations. I took a couple of £50 notes to my bank to change them for smaller denominations and they wouldn't do it unless I paid the cash into my account and then immediately withdrew it again as smaller notes. Good luck!

I can't imagine they'd do it for free.

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Think i'm going to have to go into one of the places and actually see what they say.

Hold onto them, could be worth a fortune in a few days at this rate!

Personally I would prefer a $100 bill than a load of smaller notes - they can easily change them in the US anyway...
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