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Just a quick one - my laptop's HD seems to be on its last legs. My laptop is a good 3 years old, but the specs are decent and I don't want to shell out for another one. I was wondering if there's anyway I could literally just copy my existing HD to a new one, OS and all? I really don't have time to set my laptop up again, installing Windows, then all the programs I need etc. Any easy programs out there? Thanks for any help.


Acronis True Image.

norton ghost

acro is the best in my experiance is the hd a sata ?

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Yeah it's SATA. Is there any way that I can burn the back up to disks or?


Yeah it's SATA. Is there any way that I can burn the back up to disks or?

Im no expert but the best way i have found to do a backup of a HD (win xp vista 7) with a sata is get acro (piratebay gud start) get yourself the software then get a usb sata/ide connecter you will find that you can not copy sata direct to usb (it crashes with errors) so what you will do then is on acro do a image copy to a spare IDE HD(just image not sector by sector) once this is done you can then copy the image from the ide staright to the sata hd with no problems works every time for me...............
If u need anymore info give me a pm.......


if you buy a replacement made by seagate or maxtor they have a free version of acronis imaging software on their website, needs the above make attached to work but then you can but a usb adapter or dock so won't require another pc to do the work.

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Thanks for all the replies. Got round to swapping the HD today. I did plan on using Acronis, but when I tried to access the cloning wizard on the Acronis boot disk, it wouldn't work as it said I was using a trial version. I didn't want to shell out £40 for software I'll only use once, and I managed to find this:


I found the above tutorial very easy, and it worked fine, so for anyone in a similar position who doesn't want to shell out on Acronis, the above tutorial is spot on, and the tools used are completely free!

I hope this helps someone out.
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