Swapping Live and Downloaded game to new Xbox S help.


Having bought one of the new xbox S, i would like to swap my Live account and if possible Minecraft which i bought as digital, along with any DLC etc if at all possible.

Is it as straightforward as wiping my old xbox (which i intend to sell) and then setting up the one as the home unit with my MS account? I understand i may lose my digital delivery game (Minecraft), but would prefer to simply clone if poss

Thanks in advance.



Hi Steven, all your digital content including game saves are stored in the cloud on your gamertag, simply sign in on your new xbox and then go to my games and apps and they should all be there under the 'ready to install' tab, hope this helps

Just set up the new Xbox with your Xbox live profile. All digital purchases are tied to the account so will all still be there.


As an Xbox Ambassador, I can confirm that what others have said is true.

On your new Xbox One S console, sign in with your normal Microsoft Account and follow the on-screen steps to download your current profile. Your subscription will continue, and any credit you had will still be available. Digital games and add-on that you previously purchased will show in your "Ready To Install" section of the "My Games And Apps" menu.

I hope that helps, and enjoy your new console!


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Thank you all. Much appreciated.
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