Swapping music files and vids from one laptop to another ??

    How do u swap music files and videos from one laptop to another? i dont have a cable or bluetooth, is there a way i can open a folder etc and move them across that way

    a step by step guide would be so much appreciated, or any help would help



    drags them on to a pen flashstick

    Just buy a 4gb usb memory stick for a couple of quid very easy plug and play.

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    dont have one of them plus i have about 100gb to transfer

    One of these will suffice, you'll have to go back and forth a few times but you'll get it done.…tml

    are they wireless enabled and do you have a home wireless router ?

    if so just create a shared folder drag drop and leave for the night

    if they are both wireless enabled but no router you can create a add hoc network bit of a pain to do though

    How about an external HDD can even use it to back up your music and videos.…iv/

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    How do i create a shared folder?


    2 hotmail accounts and do it via msn via shared folder, not to techie but thats how i sent stuff to daughters


    How do i create a shared folder?

    start ...then my network... or....or just network .....then use the built in wizard to set things up

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    thanks all for the help
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