Swapping over cheap PSU query

    Folks I have this case and PSU which I bought from Ebuyer, I know it isn't the best and I'm now having critical problems where it's losing power and restarting the computer.

    I had this case and PSU:…491

    I can send it back I suppose but will they just send me another one or could I ask for my money back and get a better improved one?

    I don;t mind the case but it's the PSU I need to change, what about this one:…985
    or any of these:…e=1

    thanks anyone for the help


    chances are very high that the corsair 400w will be far superior to the 450w the case was supplied with. I'm sure the 400w corsair was cheaper elsewhere a couple f weeks ago £29.99 but that might have been b4 Vat

    what CPU and gfx card do you have ? how many hdd's and opticals ?
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    Corsair one will be good, anything 80+ certified is likely to be of decent quality. Not sure i would bother trying to get a return as it likely the PSU you have does work to its (albeit crap) specification...

    What hardware are you running (CPU + GFX)?

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    1 x Galaxy Black Mid Tower Case with Blue Bubble Light LED Strip - 450W PSU
    1 x Asus HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI Display Port Out PCI-E Graphics Card
    1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz Socket 775 1333FSB 4MB L2 Cache Retail Boxed Processor
    1 x Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.6V
    1 x Foxconn BLACKOPS X48 Socket 775 DDR3 7.1 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
    1 x Pioneer DVR-S18LBK 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM with Labelflash SATA Optical Drive - Retail Box Black with Software

    Can't remember what the HDD is, it's happening just when I'm surfing the net, the computer just restarts this happens like once every 4-5 days

    TDP of GFX is ~90W and CPU about the same. Don't get anything with less than about 20A on the 12V rail(s) at an absolute minimu. The Corsair provides 30A so should be fine - what does it say on the label of the one currently in your case?

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    That means nothing to me jah128 lol

    where would I see this label, remember it's still in the case

    there is a label on the side

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    So basically the PSU that I have just now is pants, think I might need to get a better one then


    That means nothing to me jah128 lol where would I see this label, … That means nothing to me jah128 lol where would I see this label, remember it's still in the casethere is a label on the side

    The psu you have is bad yeah, pants. The corsair one only has 1 x12V rail but it is 30A and should be OK for you (if you wanted to play safe you need to spend a bit more money on say a 500w version or one of the ocz stealth 500 etc £42+ delivery maybe eclipse computers showed up in one of the google searches .

    Everything you connect draws a various amount of power high end gfx and CPUs draw most

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    That's gona be my next problem, dis-connecting it all and placing in the new one hahaha

    thanks everyone for your help

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    Sorry just noticed…gle thanks very much, I hear if your a member on AVForums you can get a code?

    I know I don't have a job and not much money but on the other hand I don't want the computer messing up. Do you think this is why my computer is restarting sometimes?

    I gave you 2 links the the same psu but cheaper than ebuyer. I can get corasir from scan for £29.99 as I have free del from scan (via a forum - hexus) etc I suspect you do not so £34.46 delivered at amazon

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    Dam AV says 'order amount increased to £75

    check you do not have some thermal shutdown ...via bios .. eg check temps for cpu

    check also for spyware and virus
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    How do I check the temps ?

    I could screenshot
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    I was told to do this last night:

    'By default the memory dumps aren't kept, but if the system recovers ok it should be recorded into the Event Logs.

    You get to them by right clicking on My Computer (or Computer) and selecting Manage

    The screen that pops up will have an Event Viewer option on the left hand side of the screen, underneath that you'll want to view the System Logs. You should scan through them for anything that show an error (red circle white cross) stating unexpected shutdown.

    What you can also do is open up msconfig (just type msconfig into the Run box), go to Startup/Shutdown tab and select the option that says don't reboot on system failure AND there should be an option to keep the memory dumps which are usually in the System32 folder.

    Hope this helps

    but I have no idea where the latter part is as I'm using Win7 and cant find the Startup/shutdown bit
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    Got to admit PSU is most likely culprit; you can usually find the voltages and temps in the BIOS (setup) menus. There should be a label on the side of the PSU that will saying something along the lines of (12V - 20A, 5V- 20A, Max 12+5V - 380W) etc; the figure next to 12V is the killer here. If your not planning to upgrade the GFX the 400W Corsair one should be ample...

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    Ok I took a screenshot of that:

    2.5ghz so to get 2 you must be under volting (probs power options (eg a power profile) it is specially @ 6x mult but still check MB manufactuer anyways for a bios incase there were issues with power / cpu

    It's highly likely the psu you have is worn out (was never upto the job)…spx

    Temps look fine, although the CPUs are idle - try running a 'torture test' - download Prime95 or SuperPi or both and max out all the CPUs, ideally with a 3D games running in the background to stress the GPU too... If it crashes but the temperatures remain stable (say under 70 degrees), it certainly points towards the PSU...

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    Took the side case off and here is the sticker on the side of the PSU

    Got to pick the baby up now but I'll still be checking on my iphone, will be back soon thanks

    if theres one thing I have learned through all my years of owning and building pc's is cheap ram and cheap psu's break far too easily and when you least expect it! (i had an assignment due in 3 days when my computer just wouldnt switch on turned out to be the psu...luckily I had my laptop)
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    Yeah, almost certain not enough on the 12V rail. Cheap PSUs tend to have that - over rated 5V rail and underrated 12V rails (nearly everything works of the 12V rail these days) - compare with the 400W Corsair PSU, which provides 30A on the 12V rail...

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    I'll go and order that Corsair then

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    When I buy this guys and have it in my hand, is it just a simple swap over leads nothing else?

    I don't need to update anything

    To start with just connect power cables etc. If you still get random restarts after that you need to be installing your op again and if still the same update bios change your ram etc.

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    Can't believe it Scan have decided to increase the price of the PSU lol

    Only by a few pound

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    OCZ ?
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