Swapping xbox 360 advice...

    My premium xbox is about 14 months old. Haven't had any problems with it and I realise that its covered by the 3 rings of death for nearly another 2 years but I'm thinking of swapping for a new premium. Probably trading it into game and paying extra to get a new v2 premium which will hopefully be less noisy and come with HDMI.

    But I have some questions.....

    Do I need to "erase" any data on the hard disk and if so how do I do this?

    Will my live account/subscription be able to be recovered onto my new premium using the recover gamer tag option?

    Anything I need to make a note of before I trade in, like ip address or mac setting?

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    I think you might keep your old Hard drive and take the new one out the box and put it in your old box.Which means you will keep your account and all your saves.

    If you do have to trade in your HD, then you can use the recover account tag.but you will loose all your save games

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    Thanks Addman - not too bothered about saved games......

    I did think about keeping the drive but if I keep the old hard drive would that still be covered under the new warranty and how does MS know when the machine was first used (for warranty purposes) from information from the hard disk? or just the receipt?

    There is a manufaction date somewhere onthe xbox .

    When your xbox breaks,you keep the Hard drive and send the actual xbox off.The warranty only covers the actual xbox breaking

    As for the date M$ usally look on the back where it has a Manufacture date and serial number

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    Thanks for the information :thumbsup:

    Repped you!

    It involves tiptoeing like the Virgin Mary aross a should of wet kippers - Speaking from experience it's 'not' worth it...
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