Swarovski Crystals

    Hi i have a question about these stones.

    I see there are many sellers in the UK who say they sell official Swarovski stones. How can you tell?

    If i was to purchase these stones and make some jewellery, could i sell them as being swarovski jewellery?

    I recently checked for Swarovski boutiques in Derby via their site and found Swarovski themselves, h samuel and another well known jewellery shop.

    I also visited Derby and found some shops, that had earings, bags, shoes etc saying it was made from Swarovski and displayed the swan logo.

    Is this allowed especially when they are not suggested by swarovski as a recognised boutique?

    Reason i ask, is i wanted to do something similar but just checking whether i should refrain from calling items e.g. Swarovski Crystal bangle

    Thanks in advance.

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