Sweden just got a new 5 star jail

    Straight up...


    Original Poster Banned….ab (swedish)

    This isn't the first one like this (it's a custody, but the jails look similar), there has been several of these built during the last couple of years. Everyone has their own toilet with sink and mirror, 240 """cells""" in total, installed with flatscreens (videogames allowed) and design furnitures.

    lets be honest its better accom than some people have at home..i can see it being popular oO

    is it a flat pack jail........everything looks like they got a huge discount from ikea

    A bit misleading, its only credited with 3* on the official aa ratings.


    Are you sure 2 of these pics wern't just taken in ikea?

    no xbox?no bluray? dearie me! they have a completely different approach to crime and punishment to most of europe-there probably isnt one single swedish citizen sees anything wrong with this whereas most brits/americans would see it as a "soft touch" remember,they let abba get away with murder for years.

    A lot of materials there will become weapons overnight

    i pay £45 for my gym and the equipment is all shoddy and broken, i want that gym

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    Heres another in norway.

    ''offering larger than life experience for the prisoners, the Halden Prison packs a bunch of amenities for its inmates that include the sound studio, jogging trails and a freestanding two-bedroom house where they can even host their families during overnight visits. TVs, minifridges in the spacious and well lighted rooms, modest library, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables in living rooms and so on, its like a small well established town within concrete walls . The prison that has a capacity of 252 inmates also focuses upon rehabilitation of the hard core criminals to turn them into well behaved humans of society.''


    As it's in Sweden, I can't see the thread inciting the usual mantra...but I could be wrong as many UKHD posters are prisoners in their own minds.

    cheap flights to sweden...sorted
    transfers and accomodation....SORTED!


    A lot of materials there will become weapons overnight

    why ? i dont think any one is going to complain about being in there in fact i'm thinking about committing a crime just to get in for a nice little accommodation rest


    5 Star?

    What the hell sort of hotel accommodation do you get to stay in?

    5* when compared to other jails, he didnt say anything about it being 5 star compared to a hotel did he?


    5 Star?What the hell sort of hotel accommodation do you get to stay in?

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