Sweet Sundays. 6 codes free to good home.

Found 16th Aug 2013
Got 6 codes for Sweet Sundays (the get 4 for a ticket version). I was saving them up to go out, but unfortunately didn't read it thoroughly and have no participating cinemas near me.

Hoping to make someone happy in the summer holidays, so first person to want, gets. They don't all need to go in one, but am happy for them to if wanted. =)


I don't need them, but thats nice of you!

I'd love these please

i'd have some please if still available.
although i realise i am 2nd in line.

Original Poster

Midlandscomics, is it all you want?


Midlandscomics, is it all you want?

Ideally, yes please

Original Poster

PMd you.

Sorry Mutley1
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