Sweet Sundays - problems booking online??

Found 19th Sep 2015
I am trying to redeem 4 sweet sunday promo codes on the cineworld website. It accepts the codes fine, lets me reserve my seats, then before I get a chance to pay for the £2 booking fee, before the payment page, I get a message to say 'sorry, a problem has occurred, please contact your card issuer'!!
Help!! I have not even entered any card details at this point. I have tried using a different browser, only booking two tickets at a time and not logging in when I book, but to no avail.
How frustrating!
Has anyone got any ides?
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I don't know if you have posted yourself on there but on the Facebook page of Cineworld there are several people commenting about the same issue that has been going on for days.
The same thing happened to me last Sunday, I even telephoned the helpline who as it turned out couldn't help n said they were experiencing difficulties with the new site and to try to do it on the old site but I had exactly the same problem. The same course of events happened this weekend trying to book tickets but no one seems to know why or when it will be fixed.
My sister also had problems, had to telephone in the end, and was on the phone for ages. What a waste of time .
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