Swim cap for children

Posted 29th Sep

My 5 year old daughter loves her swimming but hates putting a cap on when she goes swimming. She feels it’s too tight. She also hates washing her hair after wards so she can’t have it her own way.

She says she is fine with the cap but would like a more comfier one

Any alternatives to the traditional latex type caps that are used?

Anyone used polyester ones?
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My kids like these ones, they aren’t rubbery so go on much nicer and don’t feel so tight, however the upshot of that is they aren’t as water tight - I don’t know how wet hair gets though because my kids take their caps off in the shower!

My daughter used the fabric type cap when swimming at school. With long hair, I remember how painful the latex ones were to get on and off so opted for that one for her.
I think we still may have it?
I have long hair and hate the latex ones as they pull my hair especially when the sides/back roll up. I use a silicone hat. They’re thicker than latex so don’t roll up and much smoother so they don’t pull. I swim 3 times a week and probably put a bit of talc in once a month to keep the hat smooth so it glides over my hair. Try a Zoggs hat, great quality.

You can also get bubbly textured hats for people with long/ thick hair which have more give in them.

I’m not sure any hat is water tight though.
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