Swimming goggles for 3 year old

Found 21st Oct 2017
Hi - anyone recommend some swimming goggles for a 3 year old girl?
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I have these for mine...
Speedo Junior Sea Squad Goggles - Passion Pink/Hydro Green, One Size amazon.co.uk/dp/…M9C

They have a button at the back, quick release like, and make them very easy for you or her to put and and take off. My daughter lost her first pair and demanded another exactly the same!

Basically, you press the button and pull the straps to tighten. Press the button and pull back to release - no tangling in hair etc
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Just take her in to a sports shop & make a joke of it all. The ones she chooses will probably the colour she likes.

Just keep her happy & if it doesnt work then buy a more expensive version in the same colour.

It all depends on how she swims & mucks about in the water. If she is rough then they are going to get dislodged whatever the brand.

IE buy cheap colourful ones first & go from there. Most kids when playing in water do not use goggles. Are you starting to train her for the Olympics?
I had the speedo junior ones as well and they are perfect
It's better to let their eyes get used to the chemicals and pollutants in the water.
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