Swimming goggles - the prescription kind

    Hi guys

    i'm trying to get the best deal on a new set of swimming goggles. I'm blind as a bat and need to get some with a -4 prescription.
    I've found some ]here for £30
    I suppose I am not that worried about price as I am about getting a decent pair, i plan to do a lot of time in the pool. I want to get my fitness back up before I start diving again.
    very tempted with ]these boys just to have a diving mask ready, but I'm too tight :-P
    Can anyone recommend a make or supplier for prescription goggles? I'd hate to pay for a pair that leak like a sieve.



    Tesco does them for about £20

    Original Poster

    I'm not having any luck finding them on the website mate - did you see them in-store?

    yip at the instore opticans

    Brilliant - thanks for the info - i'll take a look too!
    I'm even more blind at -4.5 and they'd be well useful for when i'm surfing!…asp

    As low as 22 dollars including international shipping from the states.

    Here you go £9.76 a pair and have your ones. On offer so go to lower price in basket.

    Hope this helps.…htm
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