Swimming Lessons

    I'm looking for a place where they give swimming lessons to adults.

    Do any of you guys know of a place in East London, preferably near Canary Wharf.

    Or if any one could share their experience.

    I found one place called Love to Swim but they are charging £40 for group lessons.
    Would like it be a little cheaper.


    Its not difficult, arms forward in water and pull back through water and repeat as required. Whilst doing this, kick your legs... Job done

    I accept paypal
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    Since your an adult your best bet would be to goto an adults evening then teach yourself to be fair its a matter of confidence more so than anything and watching others will tell you everything you need to know anyway.

    Its not like you will drown when you can put your feet on the floor now is it, best of luck to you.

    best thing to do is go with a kid to the swimming baths when they are teaching kids. Listen intentively on the sly when the instructor is talking and instructing the kids. You will pick it up in no time. but remember, the secret is to take a kid as that will be your cover.
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