Swimming lessons in the North West (finally, an update!)

    Hi all

    Sorry to anyone who had been looking out for an update on this, finally had a chance to provide more information.

    As some of you may remember, we've been trying to find swimming classes/lessons in the North West for our 2yr old daughter and 6 month old son. All the council run courses seem to start from age 4 but we would rather start our children younger than that if possible.

    Our initial searches found a few private classes for around £10 per class, but a large number of these won't accept our 2 yr old as they'll only allow children to start if they are under 1!

    Thanks to replies to the original post, we found out about lessons over at Manchester Aquatics. We actually just started some lessons for our 2yr and 6m old (1st of a block of 10, costing £36 for the block) on Sunday.

    The first session was ok:

    [*] The room was warm, but the pool was slightly chilly (still better than some places, although the wife reliably informs me that the toddler pool at Howe Bridge is warmer!). Room and water temp is high on our list of priorities.
    [*] Staff slightly disorganised (no-one with a commanding voice to sort out the kids into their four groups, hence started late),
    [*] The session basically involved about 4 nursery rhymes at five minute intervals with kids either being lifted out of the water or jumping/being lifted in from the side. Pretty much what I expected really but will be looking at whether our two year old gets anything different if we stay there after the first 10 weeks,
    [*] The changing rooms by the side of the pools were inadequate for the number of kids (not good to have to wait for one of the two showers in the changing room!), so next week we will be getting them changed in the main changing rooms on the floor above (despite needing to go up marble stairs with wet feet!) which will have the advantage of us being together in a cubical rather than needing to go in separate mens/womens changing.

    We're going to see how the remaining 9 weeks go (although we are away for 1) and then make a decision on whether to stick with there or look elsewhere.

    I've also been contacted by someone on here whose partner offers swimming lessons in the Bolton area, when I have more details (and then their permission) I'll let you all know.

    In the mean time, does anyone now of any good classes near them? Also, is anyone else in a similar situation? You never know, if there are enough people locally who would be interested we could arrange our courses, hiring pools and getting qualified instructors in ourselves etc. We are based in the Leigh/Atherton area.

    Many thanks.

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