Swimming/paddling pool treatment

    We're putting up the pool for the kids and I'm trying to work out the volume so we can treat it with chlorine but I've totally confused myself and would like a second opinion.
    It's a round, 10 foot pool and is 70cm deep. Trying to remember back to school and using pi x r squared, I've used the calculation and come up with 5000 litres (approx)
    Is this correct?
    Thanks in advance.


    is 10 feet the diameter or circumference?

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    We have a pool, 6 feet wide, 12 feet long, varies from 1 meter to 3 meters in depth, and it only uses 2 tablets, possibly everyday or when they run out. - Depends on the condition of the water, we have a water testing kit for this so even if you messed it up, once you test the water it will instantly tell you.

    Guessing you don't need hardly anything in it

    i get 5100 litres

    Yes, your calculation sounds correct.

    10ft= 3.048m

    Area= pi* diameter squared / 4
    = 7.3m2

    Area * depth= 7.3*0.7= 5.1 cubic metres= 5100litres

    1000litres= 1 cubic metre

    Therefore ~5000litres as you said. :thumbsup:

    5104 i lub google

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    Excellent, thank you all. I'll dish out some rep when I get on the pc.

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    5 cubic metres (5000 litres) only needs 9 grams of 55% chlorine granules as a daily treatment.
    (1.8 grams/m3)
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