swine flu jab for under 5`s

    received a appointment yesterday for my 2 year old to have the swine flu jab next week.

    has your lo had it ? any side effects ect ?

    any replies appreciated


    i would also like to know. my 2 havent been sent for yet....

    Have a read of this thread from a few days ago.


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    i would also like to know. my 2 havent been sent for yet....


    quite a few interesting pointers in this thread.. not sure what to think myself yet

    it is supposed to be introduced to all 5 and under in general - but not had an appointment for our 4 year old as yet - - -
    may enquire on my next midwife appointment next week

    I personally wouldn't have a problem getting my little ones to have it - I had it for my pregnancy and although my arm was sore for an age and it prolonged the already cold I had - I am glad I had it done - peace of mind - but I understand its not for everyone.

    My youngest is 3 and we've not had an appointment for her yet however if we do get one she won't be having the jab. I'm not 100% confident of the jab anyway and plus she has already had suspected swine flu so I wouldn't of thought she'd get it again!
    I had a letter asking me to make an appointment for a jab for myself as I have chronic asthma but I turned that down too. If I catch swine flu i'll just have to deal with it........

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    thank you all for your replies ... is appreciated

    my 4 year old suffers from asthma he had his jab in november no side effects i would rather he was protected than have complications later on.

    Both my 2yr old dd and 5yr old ds had it on tuesday this week. No side effects at all.
    We decided that it was better to opt for this than to chance them suffering serious complications from swine flu.

    My 20month old was offered the Jab a week before xmas.. So i put it off as im not sure i want him to have it.. He got quite poorly with MMR and we have also had suspected swine flu..
    What i dont understand is if the seasonal flu is more dangerous why are under 5s not offered that too??
    Im still undecided tho.. Ive heard of people getting really ill after having the swine flu jab.. But thats just hear'say so I would also like to know if anybody has had any bad side effects. ? x
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