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Posted 9th Apr
Morning All,

Just wondered if anyone could suggest some switch games for me to buy/download?

Some of my favourite games I’ve played or am playing at the moment are, Little Nightmares, Animal Crossing, Rayman Legends, Mario Kart and the Spyro & Crash trilogies.

The switch is the first console I’ve had since the PSOne so I tend to lean more to the old style and remakes that I am used to.

Was thinking perhaps one of the Pokemon games as I loved playing the original game boy version? And maybe that Zelda remake not breath of the wild the other one?

Thanks guys!
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Mario oddyssey, luigis mansion, captain toad treasure tracker, yoshis crafted world
Definitely Mario Odyssey!

Can suggest also little dragons cafe and Poi as they’re pretty cheap to get a hold of.
Mario Party is a lot of fun (you don’t need someone to play it with), Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu - I was literally obsessed!, Pokemon Sword is another good Pokemon game for the Switch/Sword or if you liked the original Gameboy games you may prefer Mystery Dungeon. Conduct Together is fun too and only 89p so if you don’t like it you’ve not lot much! It also sounds as though you may enjoy something like Overcooked? There are verrry similar cheaper alternatives on the eShop to Overcooked too. Zelda I’ve been told you need a lot of time to fully commit to it but not purchased myself so I can’t confirm. Hope that helps
You certainly want to be looking at Limbo and Inside. Similar style to Little Nightmares except limited to a side scrolling movement. Excellent puzzles and atmosphere in both. Both pretty cheap these days too!
I loved breath of the wild so much that I spent 200 hours on it without playing any other games inbetween! So immersive.
I would suggest Super Mario Odyssey or Super Mario Bros U, both are good games. If you are looking for a Flagship game then Zelda BOTW, is the one to get, As ChelseaRae said it does take a long time to complete fully (no bad thing with a lock-down) but has loads of side quests that you can do if you don't have much time. Links awakening is also very good but much shorter than BOTW.
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Another vote for Mario Odyssey. Splatoon 2 is a great game as well, also another vote for Luigi's Mansion 3.
Guys just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your suggestions, a few I was already thinking about but will definitely now be purchasing, others are new to me so will be looking in to those too!!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend !!
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