Posted 24th Jun 2021
I am a gamer but Nintendo has never really been my forte unless we're talking about the Game Boy .
what would you say is better for a 4/5 year old switch Lite or 2ds XL. I was going to include Xbox series s in this debate but I already have a PlayStation and a PC so I don't really see the need yet.

I like to look at the switch Lite it has games like paw Patrol on Plus would play a lot of the games on the switch.

2ds had a lot of games like Peppa Pig Fireman Sam all the very cheap prices but will 2 screens be too much and the lack of Games being released for it now.

with regards to price of these two I'm finding the switch Lite cheapest 2nd hand than I am the 2DS XL. seeing alot of switch lites for around £100 and 2ds XL for around 130-150 with games though.
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