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I am at teh end of my contract on O2 and was looking to switch network that has a stronger signal in my area,
I ask them for my PAk code and they said that as soon as another network uses it, then that triggers my 30 days notice to O2.
Surely that cant be right can it?

That means i'll be paying for a months rental on o2 that I cant use becuase I'll be with another network??


no it doesnt as one goes off the other goes on..if you cancel you cant get a PAC

ie you buy new phone on new contact and on transfer day one goes off and the other on and you get new phone and sim and new network. Used to be shop held phone til it went over and was accepted, dont know now tho..

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they told me that if my new network activates Pak code, that triggers 30 days notice.
but if new network triggers pak code that means I'll be using there network straight away and having to pay O2 30 days that I cant use............
Someone tell me they have told me wrong......pls

I was wondering the same thing I got my pac code a couple of weeks a go I was going to wait until half way through week three to use it, I thought the thirty days noticed started when you request the code?.

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they deff told me it was from when they used the pak code.
I'm wondering if I was told wrong

You can give your notice before you get your PAC code I believe. So you could give the notice and request the PAC (which is valid for 30 days) and give it to the new network a few days before your 30 days notice period runs out............... i think!

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I'm at the end of my contract why do I need to give 30 days notice?
my contract will have ended, then it goes onto a rolling month by month basis.

seems a big con to me to make you stay

you need to give your notice to end the contract 30 days before the completion of it. you have to give 30 days notice to the vast majority of telecoms providers, however far past the end date you are. it's your notice of termination.

you need to cal them back or go into an o2 shop?

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well, on sunday I struck a deal to stay with O2 for the iphone4 16gb which they told me was in stock and would be delivered today (tues)
just called them as it hasnt arrived, to be told they are out of stock and it could be 5-7 days.
no good to me, I go out of the country before then and wanted ity sorting.
They have the 32gb in but wouldn't send me 1 unless I paid another £100, so told them to cancel the contract and send me my PAC code.
she said that as soon as my new network uses the PAC, my O2 account is finished, and they would probably have to refund me part month!
now this is different to what I was told the other day.
Anyway, O2 have now lost me as a loyal (since BTCellnet days) customer, and the rest of my family who are on O2 will also be switching.
Very Poor customer service, didnt seem bothered to lose me and another 3 customers.
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