Posted 4th Jul 2019
Hi, I've had a problem with my right joycon not charging, and even bought the charging grip (standard Nintendo rip off tactic to not include it with the console!) to help charge the right joycon, but even that doesn't charge it and I constantly get the low battery notification.

Does anyone know if Nintendo will repair or replace it? I've had the console for about 1.5 years now and only have the joycons that came with the console.
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    The pins on the bottom of the joy con are probably dusty it’s a common fault, I’ll find a video on how to fix it.

    Edit: Try this before you buy another set
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    No they won’t past a year, unless you got a two year warranty.

    If you need to get new joycons, I would suggest getting them in a game bundle as it can make them cheaper to get with a game
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