Switch to ee and need to claim early leaving fee,

Found 6th Sep 2017
I switch to. Ee broadband and my service start yesterday order via topcashback with £135 cash back which is tracked but pending,
Now I want to claim charges from my old Provider as I was still in. Contract, as ee pay upto £50 if you still in Contract when join EE,
The question is if I Do that can that invalid my topcash back? Or would I still get my cash back? Don't want to take a Risk as big difference between £50 and £135, any help. Plz? Thanks in Advance
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You have 90 days, so I would wait at least 60 just to be on the absolute safe side.
shame notyhing like this for phone exists. im transferring from 3 to EE. my 3 contract officially ran out on 5 September 2017. ive spoken to 3 who have said the 30 day leaving notice I need to give will start from the day they received the PAC notification from EE. So I will have to pay this months bill even though i'll lose my 3 service once the PAC is activated and the EE number is changed over.

that sounds unfair to me as i'll have to pay EE for this months contract which is fine but also to 3.

not sure how to work around this issue. any ideas.
Thanks very much midurex will do that.
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