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Found 24th Feb
I’m so tempted to switch bank for the bonus that Halifax are doing but I’ve been with Lloyd’s for 11 years and I know it’s good to be with a bank a long time for your credit rating.

If I switch, then open a new current account with Lloyds within the same month that I switch my old one then when filling in forms as to how long I’ve been with my current bank then surely if I still say 11 years it looks good and is a way around it?

Can you see any problem with this?
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Don't think it matters really just switch
jjmmww128 m ago

Don't think it matters really just switch

Thanks. I’m beginning to think that too. I’ll open another Lloyd’s anyway I think as that’s pretty close to me and Halifax is right in the town.
Nothing to stop you having a second Lloyds and switching that and just taking one direct debit across to Halifax. I have several current accounts - purely as a bonus tart - and my main bank has been the same for years.
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If you read moneysaving expert he did a feature on this a while ago. I switched to Halifax for a joint household bills account. Very easy process and they paid straight away. I’ve switched several times as bank loyalty is one way. Do it you won’t regret it.
I have found from bitter experience that banks offer you you no loyalty whatsoever. The days of having a (business) relationship with a bank manager disappeared 30 years ago. Banks want you when you are minted and treat you like #### when you fall on hard times. There are a few small banks such as Handlesbanken that do it differently, but you need a fair size income to join.
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Thanks for all your replies. It’s great to have input from other people. 😃
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