Switching broadband; gap between old ISP end date and new ISP activation.

Found 24th May 2018
I cancelled Sky ADSL last night, on day 14 of the cooling-off period. I then ordered BT Infinity, but Sky had said their service will stop on 6 June and BT Infinity's earliest activation date is 8 June.

I don't mind being without phone & internet for a day or two, but the paragraph below from Sky chat suggests I could be without internet for up to 10 days if switchover doesn't happen by 6 June. (????)

Can anyone reassure me that I'll be without service for only a day or two, and that I'll be able to keep my current phone number?

From Sky;
"We recommend that you contact your new provider first and ask if it is possible to transfer your current telephone number to them. Otherwise I can process your cancellation request now. If you have a broadband service on your Sky Talk phone line, you will lose your broadband service one the Sky Talk line is cancelled. At the end of the notice period a cease will be applied to your Broadband Service. It will then take around 10 days for the Broadband to clear from your line, before you can re-order with another supplier. During those 10 days you will not be able to use any broadband service on this line I will action your cancellation request now. Your Sky Broadband will continue to be provided by Sky your cancellation date (typically up to 14 days). This is in line with the terms and conditions of your broadband contract. As per 14 days notice. Last day of service will be on 06/06/2018."

Thanks in advance.
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"As per 14 days notice. Last day of service will be on 06/06/2018."
You should have just switched without cancelling. No waiting time then.
When I switched twice, new provider handled the cancellation and I wasn't a single day without broadband (Sky to BT then BT to Plusnet).

I don't think you can keep your current number if you're cancelling. The line will go dead and there will have to be a new activation with a new number if that's the case.
Also it is likely that Sky won't have left the line free for a new activation only two days after and you'll have to wait more than a couple of days.
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Nobody on here could reassure you and be correct, sadly you've approached in the wrong way and you'll just have to wait and see.
Yeah unfortunately it's always better to NOT inform your current ISP and just sign up with the new provider. For some strange reason it's much more straightforward that way.

Anyway, I do hope you aren't left with too much downtime.
Thanks for the replies. I've never cancelled during cooling off period before, and Sky say you HAVE to talk to them before they'll accept the cancellation. Is that just their BS and you can simply order with a new ISP within the 14 days rather than talk to Sky?

Anyway, BT tell me I can request a "renumber" once the service is live but there's no guarantee I'll be able to retrieve my old number. Not the end of the world.

Thank again.
I don't see the difference in switching during cooling off period or after as the line has been activated already at that point and you should be billed pro rata for the days used only when you're within the cooling off period. They would be aware of this. In my experience the new ISP sends the cancellation request pretty much the day after you put the order in.

There might be an issue if you're on the last day of the cooling off period and the new ISP sends the cancellation request only the day after and so on. If you do it, say, on the 2nd day you just got your BB it should be fine instead.

I would give that a try if it happened to me. If it's not possible then I'd have to accept the downtime before the new activation.
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