Switching date for energy supply

Found 21st Apr
I am currently on a 2 year fix that finishes end of may.

I am looking to fix for another 12 or 24 months with another energy provider.

I want to set things in motion to switch before the deal is withdrawn but not wanting the switch to happen until end of may.......is that possible?

I was hoping it would ask for a switching date like when switching bank accounts but there is nothing re dates on applucation.
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You can switch 30 days before end of current contract. So start then
Has your last two year fix actually saved you money. Did you look at price after a year and see what had happened maybe?
No, i didnt check prices after switch was done. But it was the lowest id paid out for years....was 89 per month and the years before i was around 110 to 115
wayners54 m ago

You can switch 30 days before end of current contract. So start then

49 days actually
Yes its 49 days when you can switch without penalty , so start looking now (especially as prices are rising ) . The actual switch takes 14 days from when you press the button . Got myself a 3 year fix with ENGIE a couple of weeks back . Do Uswitch for the price comparison to find the cheapest ones for you (include ones USwitch can't do for you ) then look on TCB for cashback directly . ENGIE was by far the cheapest 3 year fix for me ,with a bonus of £22.50 cashback (already paid to me in 2 weeks ).

I wouldn't leave it too long , though you may lose a few days of your current deal ,with prices rising about 5% -you could be paying 5% more than you need for the next 2 years .
Check out Ebico prices.
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