Switching electricity provider when on a pre-payment meter

    I have a prepayment electric meter at my rental and a standard gas meter. i tried to do a change through one of the websites - think it was to EON from Scottish Hydro - and it all went through till they asked for my electricity meter reading, I explained that i was prepayment and had told them when I applied, so ended up getting bounced back to my old supplier.

    I want to get rid of this meter - it costs me a fortune - am paying £20-£25 a month and only have one tv in house though oven is electrichob gas, and tumble drier is on about 10 hours a week. My sister pays way less than I do as she has a standard meter, and uses more electricity. My landlord is also happy for me to change suppliers or swap out the meter for a standard one... Anyone know how I go about this - my credit rating isnt brilliant as I am going through a marriage breakup which is dragging on but i could pay a deposit or similar as the cost would far outway what I am paying weekly with this nighmare meter. Are there any online sites which cover prepayment? Am sure the one I tried 6-9 months ago did but cant remember which one! I just tried to compare via Uswitch but they dont cater for an address which has prepayment electricity meter and standard gas one....I am in credit on my gas account for around £200...

    Thanks for any info, am trying ot get my utilities at a lower price - got the phone to do too as i got stopped in suprmarket by talk Talk so have to cancel the agreement I made with them there and see if I can find out when my exchange will be opened up! I was going to get the special deal for being unemployed but now I get maintanance I dont get income support, and believe they wont give me the cheap line as I have broadband - something thats vital to me as ex husbanddaughters dad stays in Shanghai, and i stay in a rural village and dont drive so need it for grocery and clothes etc shopping, as well as communicating with family. And FB games once my little ones are in their beds!


    Why don't you just get your current supplier to switch your pre payment meter to a credit one?

    when you change supplier ask them will they take out the meter if you transfer your business over 2 them thats how i got mine out by ringing round some wont take them out others do .
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