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    I've just had my annual Statement from Scottish Power for combined gas and electrictity. They are increasing my monthly direct debit by an extra £ 15 per month to £ 163. I happened to mention this to my sister and she was shocked that I pay this much as she pays £ 96 per month for both gas and electricity. We have similar size houses although we probably use more energy as we have a tumble drier which we use a lot and have the heating on in the winter more than they do but not so much to justify paying an extra £ 67 per month. Anyway, Just went on and compared my bill and it say I could save £ 462.89 per year by switching to EDF. I obviously love the idea of saving this huge amount of money but am sceptical that this is acurate. Plus I have heard some horror stories about people switching but being chased by two suppliers. Has anyone else switched? Would you recommend it? Many thanks


    You pay around £150 per month for gas and electric? Bloody hell !

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    I know it's horrendous! I live in a 6 bedroom house with Husband, two small children and a teenage step son. I don't think we use that much power but we obviously do.....

    If/when you do decide to move suppliers (which by the way is easy, i've done it loads of times without any hassle whatsoever) make sure you check out Quidco as you can get some good cashback on suppliers.

    Yes, switch to the lowest cost per unit etc and don't forget to check out what the current cashbacks are ( Quidco, TCB etc ) to factor in to your calculations.

    In before csiman arrives to explain how to get your energy costs down properly.

    Check out EDF`s online [email protected] version 6 tariff, best one they offer :-)

    Im on EDF`s online saver version 6 tariff, -- it the chepest for me,


    switch to a smaller family

    I am also with scottish power and just had my annual statement through. I am paying £125 pm for both electric and gas. They have just put my monthly payments up to £140 pm.
    I am now in the process of moving to british gas, which should give me a saving of £350 per year. I have also gone through quidco onto websaver 8, not the most money back only £20 but I don't mind BGas.
    It is pretty painless to change, I do it fairly often. It starts off well then the price starts to creep up, a bit like car insurance.
    You have to pay up any outstanding debt before you can move provider, so it is best to do it in the summer when they usually owe the customer.

    whatever you do dont goto npower !

    i was with scottish power and scottish gas for gas and lecky ... switched and they said oh yeah we can save you plenty , dropped my payments to 50 for each ... half year bill in the other day and im 400 in debit with them , no call to say your not paying enough to your direct debits etc.Once its cleared think i wil be off elsewhere !


    As we've seen recently though, cashback isn't guaranteed.

    Good point.

    Edit capability is getting worse again it seems.

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    Just switched to E.ON through Quidco getting £ 55 cashback. In addition, I also get 680 Tesco Clubcard points and save a massive £ 534 per year! That takes my monthly DD payments to £ 111. I'm so chuffed! Thanks for the advice!
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