Switching from BT Broadband to Sky Broadband

    Apologies for the long-winded introduction, I promise there is a question at the end of it!

    So my current package with BT (£160/year courtesy of cashback) is coming to an end and yesterday I signed up as a new customer with Sky for their unlimited broadband package which works out at £86/year after incentives.

    Upon calling BT to give my notice they offered me the same package I'm currently on (unlimited broadband, weekend calls & starter TV) at £5/month, paying £205.08 up front as the line rental saver. With no cashback offers as an existing customer, this comes to a total of £265.08 over the course of the next 12 months, in comparison to the £86/year (after incentives) I'd be paying with Sky. However I was away when my 30-day notice period formally started and forgot to give BT my notice (had a shocker here!), and will therefore be charged another month of BT at full price- £22/month, with a further £18.99 due in line rental. I'll also have to pay the £31 termination fee. This is only applicable if I end my contract with BT. If I renew, these charges disappear.

    As such, the total expenditure of joining Sky will be around £86 + £40.99 + £31... £158 in total. This still gives me a potential saving of £107 if I switch, with BT at £265 and Sky at £158.

    I live in a 1 bed flat, so there won't be extraordinarily heavy usage. However, I've read that the Sky Hub isn't very good at all- apparently a single band, gigabit-less router in comparison to the Home Hub 4 that I currently use- apparently this means that the speed may not actually be as fast, even though it uses BT Openreach to provide my service.

    I realise I'm asking this on a deals website but, for a £107, is it worth making the switch to Sky or sticking with BT with whom I've never had a problem with before? Should also mention that the Sky deal is broadband only- no calls, no tv.

    Appreciate any advice!


    I had sky fibre, I didn't have any issues with the router at all, signal at the bottom of the garden and all around the house, I left sky as they keep upping the prices( 3in one year) and lack of loyalty to customers

    BTs 30 day notice is a load of ****, they scam loads of money that way.

    I say **** them and go for the better deal, which is Sky.

    A router imo isn't a good enough reason to decide on a company, if you need some super crazy router to travel 200meters down the street then buy some equipment, otherwise any standard one will do fine. I've been with Sky, BT and Talktalk, all of their routers have been fine.

    You could try phoning BT up again and ask for the retentions department and explain that you are out of contract and are looking for a new one. Sometimes they try and offer a deal, sometimes they are lazy and don't bother.

    If you are only getting broadband and not fibre, your router will have no issues with speed in a 1bed flat unless your walls are made of lead.

    Be cautious about paying line rental in one go, they can bump the price up and charge you more, even though you paid the year off in full. And if you decide to leave the contract penalty free because of price changes, you won't be refunded your line rental. Yet another scam by BT.

    I'm guessing you have completed your contract with BT? If so tell them today that you wish to end it.
    Then contact sky and ask for activation 30 days from today.
    Then you will pay and use one final month with BT and not pay an exit fee and then next year you won't have to change until the end of September.

    As I don't use the phone line at all and on the deal I had I paid 12 months line rental upfront and the broadband was free I just gave my notice as soon as I was connected.
    I have moved to plusnet now on free broadband and paid my 12 months line rental. As soon as I get my cashback I'll contact them telling them I wish to end my contract on 18/08/2017. Saves me remembering next year. Then I'll just put a reminder in Google calendar to tell me to find a new deal.

    I left BT to sky recently and on an 18 month contract. pretty sure I left either in the 18 month or 19 month with no notice required, just paid pro rota. top it all off I had BT tv because of 160 cash back and 100 sainsbury voucher but never used the box. they ended up refunding me what I had paid for tv over the 18 months.. something like 160 odd quid and I have no idea why!!! with sky I am back to adsl but I do think the router is a bit weaker than BT

    My general experience is that loyalty doesn't pay when it comes to services like broadband. So I switch every year after my contract ends.

    after being with Virgin for donkeys years, im looking to moving over to either BT or Sky.any good offers at the moment with either for new customers?

    I recently switched from BT to sky with their broadband (not fibre).

    I was getting 18mb download with BT consistently, and switched to Sky as it was way cheaper, plus got quidco and M&S £100 voucher! Unfortunately my sky speeds were terrible at first, around 2mb at best... I changed the channel of my router after phoning them up a couple of times and they resolved it! Perfect now and way cheaper. Definitely recommend the switch. I have not noticed any difference with the router, and my flat is a regency building with very thick walls.

    Hope it helps...

    what ever you choose, definitely go through top cash back or quidco, i joined bt got 3190.00 cash back and £125.00 bt pre paid card
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