Switching from iPhone to Android recommendations

Posted 13th May
Currently have an iPhone XR, considering making the switch to android, have a budget of £350-£400.

S10 or something from the Pixel range?

Really appreciate any recommendations/advice I haven’t a clue what’s considered good when it comes to Android
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I did android for a year back on iphone now SE 2020. worth a try tho I liked 1+ devices
XR is still probably better than those range of Android phones due to longevity of the iOS platform.
Interesting, perhaps I’ll keep the XR instead then
I was on iPhone then switched to android and I wish I didn’t... android allows you to do more thing but the OS is quite poor as compared to the iOS, so I’m switching back
the extra things you can do on android eg. sideload apps isnt worth the switch the average person can do everything on an iphone what they want to do on android and vice versa..

ios is more refined, easier to use, updates longer. why not borrow an android off a friend see if you like the os or buy a cheape one to play with. phones have got to a place now where for calls, pictures, surfing and some apps it dosent really matter what you use they will all do it as good unless you use synthetic testing the human eye wont notice....

i wouldnt switch but if you did you wouldnt be that disapointed...
Id go for a Huawei p30/p30 pro as you should find a very good confirion one in your budget
It's down to your own preference obvs, but I was obsessed with Apple at one point until I learnt that I was paying a lot more for the same thing. Android is not as refined when it comes to UI because Android caters to so many manufacturers, Apple won't allow iOS to be used by other manufacturers. Android is less restricted on almost everything and can do everything an iPhone can do, and more.

If you can avoid it, don't bother trying a cheap Android phone because it won't compete with iPhone. It's like trying an iPhone from 2007 then comparing it to the S20.

After owning the iPhone 4s I switched to Android and haven't looked back since. Again it's down to your own preference but it's not a bad idea to try something new
iphone XR is less then 2 years old.
Is there a particular reason you want to change to Android?
My recommendation is don’t.
Thanks for all the comments, going to be sticking with the XR
Stick with iPhone, android too many niggling bugs.
Android allows a lot more freedom to do things and customise your own experience, iOS is more restrictive (can only do what Apple allows you to do on the phone, barely any deep UI customisations other than wallpapers and rearranging apps to your liking etc, unless you pay up on iTunes or jailbreak the iPhone) but is also very easy to use.

I have an OG SE since it released years ago (on iOS 13) and a Mate 20 Pro which I got last year. Before I got the SE I was only on Android with phones like the Galaxy S3, the S4 and the Nexus 5. So when I transitioned back to Android with the Mate 20 Pro I was already familiar with the Google experience.
I went the other way, Android to iPhone

I really might go back
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