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Found 6th Dec 2017
Ive just got a new house and the gas and electric are on prepayment cards. Some of the smaller cheaper energy firms dont deal with prepayment meters. Looking around to see whats the cheapest provider who will change my energy setup to billpay. Any help would be appreciated.
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Try OVO there very competitive, they should be happy to come out and fit a smart metre, that way each month your bill will be for energy actually used and not estimated. They also have an app so you can check your usage and bills online that is really straight forward to use and set up. Just don't bother with the little plug in energy monitor they send you, it is designed to out you off using to much electric, at the end of the day you still need to boil your kettle etc.
I have changed prepayment meter to standard meter in the past but I contacted the existing provider to get it changed and set up an account with them. Then change supplier afterwards. It would be good to know that you can go straight to a new provider to get the prepayment meter changed to standard meter.
It could be worth you checking the uswitch website, for suppliers in your area

Try Ebico. No standing charges on their EbicoZero tarriff. They will change the meter for you too.
This happened to us a few years ago when we purchased our house. I found that not all suppliers will change the meters straight away without you incurring a cost and there were a couple who required us to be with them a certain amount of time before they changed it. It may not be suitable for you but we ended up going with EDF as they did it within a week and for free.
I had it when we moved to a new place was prepayment called the supplier and they wouldn’t change it for some reason. So changed supplier and as soon as it moved to them they called me and got it changed the next day. I think it was so quick because they had a cancellation so I was lucky.
A few weeks back i asked about utility providers on here, and some suggested First Utility. I checked around and found these to be the most cost effective for me, they will also fit a smart meter
When I moved to my current property I went from billed meters at my old house to prepayment in the new house. I was with British gas and continued with them in the new property but they couldn't change my meters for a good 6 months I think due to a credit check or something even though I'd been with them for years with no debt. Hopefully changed now but do check with whoever you change to can actually change the meters first.
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