Switching HD logic board?

    Hello I was wondering if anybody could help me.

    Ive just brought a NAS ready duo with mirrored hard drives so all my jobs are safely backed up.

    But sods law two days before it turned up one off our drives with loads of jobs on packed up, I took it out and put it in a new enclosure to make sure it is not the power supply but still didnt work, when I had a close look at it there seems to be a burnt out chip on the logic board.

    I was wondering If I brought exactly the same drive (which ive seen on ebay) is it easy to switch the logic boards and if this works will I be able to get the jobs off it?

    Does anyone know what the burnt out chip does

    Id be very grateful for any help.

    Pics below:


    Original Poster

    Heres a pic with the burnt out chip circled:

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    Heres the drive info:
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