Switching mobile networks, does the names have to match on the contracts?

Posted 13th Oct
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your time in advance.

I have 2 SIM only contracts in my name - one being used by me (EE), the other by my wife (Virgin Mobile). We want to take up a new Vodafone contract in my wife's name so were wondering when we get the PAC from Virgin to present it to Vodafone - does the names on both the contracts have to match? I want the new contract to be in her name and for her to retain her existing number.

If anyone has knowledge around this, please advise.

kind regards

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I doubt it be a problem, I can't see them being able to access another networks data (GDPR).

If it was me, I would just request a PAC via text message and just hand that to Vodafone.
The new network only needs the PAC and phone no. The old network will do any security / password checks before issuing the PAC. It’s an easy way to change the name on an an account.
No name check when using PAC.
Brilliant guys. Thank you for the timely response.
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