switzerland road tax.. vignette...

    hey guys... im driving through switzerland and know you have to have the vignette but I'm sure I remember someone tellin me on here a while ago that there are 2 options the 10 day one and the year one and now I can only find that there's a year one so I'm pretty confused! Does anyone know anythin about this? Its driving me mad as I had my itenerary all planned out and this has just through a spanner in the I think I've imagined the 10 day one now!! thankyou! x


    I've got a 2008 one you could have for £10. Used it earlier this year - if you leave it on your screen it gets REALLY stuck. (I used to live in Switzerland). Then it can't be reused.

    This was only on the screen for a few days and is in perfect condition.
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