swoopo? anybody actually won anything cheap and recieved ?

    hi before i jump in with both feet has anybody really gained from this site or is it a cheap con ? only actual experiences please not general thoughts please xx


    con... it is now the renamed "telebid".
    There are loads of threads on this in here. Bet they changed it due to the increasing unpopularity of this.
    This game is based on gambling, so don't try, as you will more than likely lose (trust this from me - i was stupid and experimentally tried it)

    i joined the other day and put £10 in to the account i bid and to be honest you dont get anywhere. i would try [url][/url] this site is where you place your bid and it goes to the person with the lowest unique bid my dad won a mac air book on there last month for £36 so is worth a try.

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    well thats why came on here 1st x


    I’ve used Swoopo in the past but there are so many using it now it is SO hard to win, bidding against people from other countries as well. I found another one that is launching soon called Doobids. I’d be surprised if anyone knows about it because I have not seen them advertising anywhere yet. They are getting around Facebook as a fan page but they seem a bit different from the others though because they have put extra features on it making the whole process of bidding slightly more transparent, doesn’t look as much like a scam! Theres a security certificate as well which is really important for secure transactions. UK company registered and VAT registered. Might be worth a punt for those that care.
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