SWOOPO: Is It A Scam?

    Was thinking of buying some bids via paypal. But also curious whether the game is fixed so that you cannot win?


    It's like a pyramid gifting scheme (what I would call a scam). The owner of the site makes loads of money, assuming there's enough gullible people. If the site is genuine people will get things but it's luck of the draw. If you want something better to actually buy it than throw money at a website repeatedly until you do get it.

    You will have to make so many bids for 50p and keep on going that by the time you get anything you'll have spent more than the item would cost to get elsewhere.
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    Right... Thanks for the help although , you can actually win though? Therefore it is no scam? Or does the item mysteriously get released when enough is paid?

    No idea if you can actually win. You probably can, but chances are you won't and that by the time you do the number of 50p's you've spent will add up to quite a lot.


    Looks quite addictive - I'd stay clear!

    It's not a scam but another form of gambling, you buy "tickets" to be able to bid for items. If you win you pay the winning price + the cost of your "tickets" while if you lose you also have the cost of your "tickets". Also any bid increases the time limit of the auction.

    There is only ever one winner and that is the sites owners, and they get people to bid by saying a mini went for 75p and a macbook for 10p but the chances of getting them at the advertised prices are so low it;s not worth it.

    It's not a scam as they are up front on what you have to do but they rely on the gullible to keep going for the bargain. You could end up paying hundreds for something you can buy for a lot less.
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