Found 8th Dec 2008
Anybody used it? Whats the catch?!

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There's always a catch with these.

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Thanks guys. Also been reading some things on MSE too. Mixed, but many people saying stay well away.

I will tell you what the catch is you buy the vouchers and spend all day or nite tryin to bid to get ur item one big con believe me, you end up buyin more bid packs use them all up and win nothing and the best about it is you still pay for the item and the bid packs stick to ebay lol::santa:

I often wondered about it too. I then googled swoopo and all you see is bad press!


I’ve used Swoopo in the past but there are so many using it now it is SO hard to win, bidding against people from other countries as well. I found another one that is launching soon called Doobids. I’d be surprised if anyone knows about it because I have not seen them advertising anywhere yet. They are getting around Facebook as a fan page but they seem a bit different from the others though because they have put extra features on it making the whole process of bidding slightly more transparent, doesn’t look as much like a scam! Theres a security certificate as well which is really important for secure transactions. UK company registered and VAT registered. Might be worth a punt for those that care.
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