Syma Fairy Review

    Syma Fairy Review

    Finally my Syma Fairy arrived this morning from Ebuyer, for the very reasonable price of £7 plus delivery you can have your very own RC helicopter. The Fairy is the biggest challenger to the infamous Picoo Z, and at less than half the price, will it only be half as good?…jpg

    Upon removing the packaging, I found a generic “RC Helicopter Box” and my heart sank. Surely Ebuyer hadn’t sent me a cheap knock-off, I wanted a genuine Syma product! Fortunately, inside this box was the genuine Syma box containing the Fairy copter. The box is an improvement over the Picoo Z box, which I always found too big considering that it is regarded as the worlds smallest heli. The Syma box is about the right size (it’s the same size as those big carboard boxes PC games used to come in) with a window at the top displaying the copter.

    Inside the box you get a Picoo Z inspired remote, a spare tail blade, and of course the helicopter itself. The remote has larger thumbsticks than the Silverlit one, but feels of cheaper quality and is lighter in the hand. A nice improvement are the clips that hold the battery cover in place so you can finally throw out that pesky screwdriver.

    The copter itself is quite a bit smaller than the Picoo Z, but with a larger domed cockpit at the front. The landing rails are made of a flexible rubbery type material which means that you won’t scratch your coffee table, but the cockpit is made of a harder, tougher plastic. This protects the innards of the helicopter, but I can see it cracking after prolonged crashing, or even worse going through your TV if flown fast enough. Charging and run times are similar to the Picoo.

    Enough chit-chat, how does it fly you ask? Well, it flies superbly! My main gripe with the Picoo was that you could either fly it out of the box and just hover gently back and forth, or add some blu-tack and speed around like a mad-man, there was no median. Well the Syma hovers beautifully in the air out of the box, if you increase the throttle it smoothly gains height, decrease and it loses height. Its real party trick is the way that it turns, turn to the right and it noticeably accelerates, turn to the left and it slows down.

    This is a bit annoying at first when you realise that you have to turn right a bit to move forwards, but you soon get used to it and realise that it’s a great control system. Most impressive is the Fairy’s stability, it just feels so smooth and responsive, non of the ugly rocking that we are so used to with the Picoo.

    In conclusion, if the Fairy were similarly priced to the Picoo Z I would say that there wasn’t much in it, and it would be down to personal preference of the control scheme. Me, I quite like the performance of the Fairy as opposed to the Picoo, and believe it to be the better machine, but theres not all that much in it.

    However, when you consider that you can buy two Fairy’s from Ebuyer and still have change from a twenty, it’s a real no-brainer. Time will tell if the Fairy can take the punishment that my Picoo has suffered over the months, but I feel confident that it can.

    Sturdy build
    Flys well, better than the Picoo
    Small box
    No screwdriver needed

    Front cockpit area looks prone to breaking (or breaking stuff around it)
    Cheapo remote control
    Semi-exposed drive gear on the base of the copter

    Update – Second flytest, and after catching a rogue lampshade the Fairy flipped and slammed itself into the ground, shearing off part of the main prop. I can only assume that this was a defective copter as I know that the propellers are made to a higher standard than this, and are allot tougher. Prepare for round two when the next one arrives.


    Thanks for the great review.

    Original Poster

    Thats OK, ive been through the Ebuyer returns and they have stated that they will send me another and i can keep the broken one, however they are out of stock so a frefund has been offered instead.

    Anyone know where to get replacement blades please, they are different to the Picoo blades?

    Excellent review. Well written too!

    I may get one of these now! :thumbsup:

    I'll be getting one of these (for Christmas pressies too!) Thanks!

    Rep added!

    [SIZE=2]Nice one Andy. I am going to get myself one of these! Great review by the way.[/SIZE]

    however they are out of stock so a frefund has been offered instead.

    I have just looked for a frefund on ebuyer....I thought it was some new helicopter :w00t:


    Original Poster

    Ah, sorry Foxy, my fat fingers again!:thumbsup:
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