Symbol on BMW 318i 2009

Found 14th Jan
Hello does anyone know what the triangle is for and the number after it?
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Is it not in the handbook?
Just looked on Google and could it be how many miles are left in the tank?
Could be the "Service due /overdue" indicator with the number of miles to go /past ?
It comes on when 1/4 tank left according to that link above. Probably 102 miles till empty.
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Could be any number of things. Stop the car. Switch it off and back on again and then use the left hand rocker switch to find the issue.
could be a number of warnings. most common is low Beemer does that all the time but it also tells me on the I drive screen what it is referring to
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I did check the handbook before i posted on here, nothing on there. The numbers do increase (when i do long journey i reset that number) so im thinking that maybe the miles i have done, but still dont know what the triangle means. Dont think its to do with empty petrol too, theres a separate number for that
the triangle is a generic warning indicator. It comes on for everything from your engine has exploded through to the screenwash is low.

Use the left hand stalk to see proper info.
That is a warning symbol. Did you try to use the indicators by any chance
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thanks everyone, it does sound like a generic warning symbol however not having any issues with the indicators i mean car
Self destruct!
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