Synching 360 controllers quick question :)

    son # 2 has used son # 3's controllers on his son # 3 cant get them to synch with his xbox.....any ideas?

    sorry to all grammer police if synch is spelt wrong! :~)


    remove the battry pack for about 3mins, replace.
    turn xbox on via the console button.. wait for it to load to the dash.

    press the guide button the controller and then hold the sync button down along with the sync button the console.
    Wait about 5 secs, then release both buttons at the same time.

    they should sync up with no problems.

    Im always doing this lol.. i keep mixing up my controlers and I always end up picking up the wrong one and my other xbox turns on.

    Original Poster

    thanks for that......he was pressing the wrong piggin button :roll:


    thanks for that......he was pressing the wrong piggin button :roll:

    No worries - Happy Christmas :santa:
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