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Found 14th Aug 2009
Does anyone know of free software which will automatically back up specified folders on my external HDD to my PCs HDD at selected intervals?


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I use SyncToy. Works fine on local and usb drives, There is however a problem when syncing to a NAS drive
download here..…=en


I use SyncToy. Works fine on local and usb drives, There is however a … I use SyncToy. Works fine on local and usb drives, There is however a problem when syncing to a NAS drivedownload here..

Synchtoy hasn't let me down in 2-3 years.
it will baulk at incredebly long file names but i thnink that is a windows thing rather than a problem with Synchtoy..
and by long fime names i mean 100s of characters long...
i mean Synctoy - but cant spell.

Not bad for a M$ freebie! Better than paying hard earned cash for a proprietary solution!

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thanks - synctoy looks good.

Seems difficult to get it to run automatically, rather than manually though

You shoulb be able to use Task Scheduler to run the selected backup jobs.

Open Task Scheduler and Schedule SyncToy to Run Daily

1) Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scheduled Tasks to open up Task Scheduler

2) Click on Add Scheduled Task, Click on Next

3) Scroll down and click on the SyncToy option, click on Next

4) Under "Perform this Task" choose Daily and click Next

5) Now choose a start time, I would recommend either a time when you first turn on your computer or late in the evening when you are done for the day. Choose Daily again for when to perform this task and choose the current date then click Next.

6) Here's the tricky part, in order for the task to be scheduled, you'll need to tell the scheduler which user to perform the task for and the username for that profile. Enter the username and password for this profile in this section and click Next.

7) On the next screen check the box for "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish" and then click Finish

When the Advanced Properties box opens, look under the Task tab for the Run line. It should look similar to the one below.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy\SyncToy.exe"

Make the Run command look like the following to allow SyncToy to run all the folder pairs.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy\SyncToy.exe" -R

9) Click Ok and close the Scheduled Tasks window.
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