syncing ipod with different machine

I currently sync my ipod with machine A and have been doing so for a while. I now need to sync with machine B but so that the songs on my ipod are not erased. I might need to sync with machine A in the future (and machine C is a possibiliy).

Any way of doing this, guys (and gals) ?



no i think is the answer.

If you dont have all the same songs on each machine, you can plug it in and listen to music through it but apple didnt make it well in my opinion.

I think you have to tick "sync ipod manually" somewhere in the options to make sure it doesn't erase them on the new machine.

You can do it but not 'sync' it. Plug it into your primary machine (the one with all the songs on) and load up itunes. Select your ipod in itunes and tick the "manually manage music" box. It will warn you that you need to eject your ipod before removing it, just hit ok. Now eject your ipod. You will be able to plug it into any other machine now without the music being erased. However, music will not be automatically synced. You will need to drag and drop the music from the library to the ipod. If you ever untick the manually manage music and sync to the computer to which it is connected to you will lose all music from your ipod that is not on that computer.

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thanks guys but i done it using a different method.
using this sotware…ay/
I just opened up WMP and went to MYIPOD then dragged in the songs I wanted to sync.
Worked a charm!
Nice software.

Cheers all.
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